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The AGRED Foundation Fishing Tournament for the Wounded Patriots

Fishing tournament for disable veterans

TAYLOR, Arkansas - Dozens of veterans set sail this morning at the second Lake Erling Fishing Tournament for the Wounded Patriots.


Sitting back,tossing a line and relaxing on the lake for a day of fishing. More than 20 disabled veterans participated in the Lake Erling Fishing Tournament for the Wounded Patriots.


Roger Flatt, a 22 year veteran of the  United States Air Force says, "after I got back to dry land I couldn't hardly standup, but it was great.


"This is a lifesaver just being able to get back outside  do the things we loved to do  before we served. Takes our mind off of things going on in our head that we want to forget, "says Trey Lafitte.


Trey Lafitte is a four year veteran of the Marine Corps."I was at Fort Rucker in Alabama. The bus driver  he was taking us from one machine gun range to another, just went around the curve to fast, flipped the bus killed one Marine and retired nine of us,"


AGRED Foundation President Eric Fletcher is happy to host this event. "For us to be able to give back a little bit to the community and to the people who have sacrificed so much for our freedom is really something special to me," says Fletcher.


Many of the veterans can't wait for the next tournament."It's awesome, just gives a day to relax, be ourselves with our fellow veterans," says Flatt ."If they invite me I'll be here," says Lafitte.


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