The dangers of hot, parked cars


With each day getting hotter outside, The Shreveport Fire Department warns people about the dangers of hot cars.

Earlier this week a child died after being left inside a car for too long. 

The Fire Department said in ten minutes a parked car can heat up by 20 degrees. In an hour a car that’s not on will heat up to more than 40 degrees. Children, the elderly and pets are the most vulnerable if left inside. Leaving the windows cracked won’t help. Fire officials said they respond to several calls during the summer of children and pets left in cars. They offer a few tips to remind people to check before they leave.

“Look before you lock. So before you lock those doors you want to look in the backseat or passenger seat, maybe do a 360 before you hit that key fob to lock the vehicle. Make sure the vehicle is clear. Another thing is putting something in the backseat where the child normally sits. Maybe a your cellphone, your shoe, your i.d. badge, something that you need before you get out of the vehicle,” said Clarence Reese, EMS Officer Shreveport Fire Department.

The Fire Department said if you notice a child, elderly person, or pet inside a parked car, to first check to see if they car is on or not. If it’s off and they look distressed don’t wait, call 911 and bust the window if possible. 

They also said keep your car is locked and key fob is with you because children will sometime hide or play games inside cars.

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