Tree crashes into baby’s room


Since we are expecting more thunder storms to hit the area it’s important to be prepared.

Many people around Caddo Parish were cleaning up Monday after weekend storms. It’s a reminder to look out for any big trees around your home.

A local woman came home to see her house badly damaged and was thankful her family was not home at the time.

“Our biggest shock was the big oak tree didn’t fall and if it had, it would have came across the whole entire house,” said Sarah Baca Reeves, Blanchard resident.

Reeves lives near the Blanchard area and said her family was luckily staying at her mom’s house when the tree in her front yard came crashing through their home, right into her baby son’s room.

“What was your reaction to see that to your son’s room since that is pretty scary? Well, ahhh!” Reeves said.

She said it hit the attic and broke the window shooting glass across his room and even throughout the house. 

“That wall is completely broken on the inside of the room. Thank goodness he doesn’t often sleep in there otherwise it would be horrible,” Reeves said.
It also caused the decorative post outside her house to shoot across the yard. Another large tree fell in the back breaking their fence. She’s going through the insurance process now, but said she’s just glad her family is safe. 

“In all aspects of things it was not a big a deal because once you have kids you realize everything is material,” Reeves said.
She also put up a sign because she said lots of strangers kept knocking asking for money to clean it the limbs. 

“Just put a sign on the door. I have this chain lock but that doesn’t mean anything because people can still kick through it,” Reeves said.

It’s something people may not think about during storm damage clean up, about how it may attract unsavory characters to come by your house. So Reeves offered the advice of calling the sheriff’s office to send a deputy to patrol if you’re not home just to prevent any looting.

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