Trooper rescues three small children from vehicle overturned in water

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Oklahoma Highway Patrol has released dashcam video showing the dramatic rescue of three young children from a submerged truck in a McCurtain County creek. 

Deputy Curtis Fields says it happened just after 6 p.m. Friday in the Harris area on US 259 South. Fields said the vehicle was upside down in water with people trapped inside.

Deputies John Jones, Tony Kennedy, and Curtis Fields responded to the scene. Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Cody Enloe was already on scene with Haworth Volunteer Fire Department. Trooper Enloe was actively controlling the scene and assisting with setting up life-saving equipment. 

Enloe hooked up the jaws of life as children’s screams were heard from inside and guided firefighters in knee-deep water. Using the jaws of life, he manually pried on the doors of the truck until access to the passenger compartment was gained.

Trooper Enloe began removing the children from the backseat when the door to the truck opened. Firefighters and bystanders were yelling that there were two children in the vehicle.

“Trooper Enloe handed the first child, a toddler to a firefighter”, said Deputy Fields. “Then after cutting the seat belt and removing the second child an infant, Trooper Enloe handed the child to me, I carried the child out of the water to Deputy John Jones. When I turned around, I saw that some of the people around the truck were starting to walk away. It was at this time that I saw Trooper Enloe climb into the partially submerged, upside down truck head first. Trooper Enloe came back out with another infant in a car seat. The infant’s nose and lips were already turning blue. Trooper Enloe immediately began infant back trusts, and I saw fluid expel from the infant’s mouth. By the time Trooper Enloe got the infant to the waiting ambulance, I could hear the infant begin to cry. There is no doubt in my mind that Trooper Enloe saved the lives of those three children. On this 14th Day of February 2019, Trooper Cody Enloe of Troop E was the embodiment of honor, pride, professionalism and competence that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol is known for.”

In a Facebook post shared Sunday, OHP thanked all those who responded.

Deputy Curtis Fields has been in Oklahoma law enforcement for ten years and says he has seen, “many horrific, and incredible things in my career. The professionalism and competence that was exhibited by Trooper Cody Enloe on this day will be something I remembered for the rest of my life and was nothing short of incredible. Trooper Cody Enloe, while being a first-year trooper, performed with all the skill and professionalism of a veteran officer.”

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