TTPD wants to close the garage door on crime

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Texarkana, Texas, police say theft is the number one crime in the city. Now they’re issuing a warning to help you reduce the risk of theft at home. 

In one recent afternoon, police spotted more than 30 homes on the Texas side with garage doors open and no homeowners in sight. They said that that’s an open invitation to criminals. 

“Takes anywhere, I’d say, between five to ten seconds,” said Sgt. Jake Klar with the Texarkana Texas Police Department about the length of time it takes for someone to steal something from an open garage. 

“It’s all about opportunity,” said Klar. “As soon as they see it, all they have to do is see one little thing that they want.”

Klar patrols the streets, looking through the lens of a criminal. He said readily-carried items are targeted for thefts. 

“Anything they can get rid of easily,” said Klar. “A lot of people think lawn equipment, stuff like that, but I mean, you could just as easily get rid of shovels, rakes, random yard tools.”

Even food is fair game.

“We’ve had a rash at times of food thefts from garage refrigerators,” said Klar.

And, if the thief is bold enough to go into your garage, there’s not a whole lot to stop them from going inside your house.

“The more doors I can put between the inside of my house and the outside, the better,” said Klar.

Police said it’s also a good idea to keep your vehicles locked, even inside the garage. They said if the garage door is open and your car door is unlocked, it’s just the same as leaving it outside.

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