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Two arrested on 28 counts of animal cruelty

TEXARKANA, TX - Two men are facing animal cruelty charges after 28 French Bulldog puppies were discovered in the cargo area of their moving van.  

Troopers stopped a moving truck for a traffic violation and found 14 small pet crates, each containing two French Bulldog puppies. One of the puppies was dead.

Texarkana, TX Police took over the investigation and said there was no food or water in the truck.

The surviving dogs are at a local veterinary clinic for treatment. 

Police are working to determine who the dogs belong to, where they come from and where they were going. 

The puppies are not expected to be available for adoption after the investigation is completed.

Police arrested Adam Darwish and Mahmoud Eid and charged with 28 counts of Animal Cruelty and transported to the Bi-State Jail.  No bond has yet been set.

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