Two puppies shot outside AR home

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Two puppies shot outside their home are just the latest targets according to an Arkansas animal rescue group helping the dogs. 

Rescuers in Hot Spring County say the two and a half month old puppies were playing outside when someone shot them with a BB gun. A pellet ripped through the girl’s leg and two pellets hit the boy in the stomach. 

“I don’t see how anybody could do this and be able to sleep good at night,” said Cliff Babb, who’s fostering the puppies. 

Babb rescued the lab-mix brother and sister from a home off Biggers Lane. He says the former owner called him for help claiming their neighbor pulled the trigger.

“The owner is saying they were in her yard when they got shot. The other people are saying they were in their shop when they shot them,” Babb said. “Either way they’re 10-week-old puppies. No matter where they’re at you shouldn’t be shooting them.”

 Through his work with Paws and Claws Rescue, people shooting dogs is a problem Babb sees too often in the county, where he says more property owners have little tolerance for trespassers of any kind.

“It’s a common thing people shooting dogs, but normally when people kill them you just don’t hear about it,” Babb said. “Try to find some help instead of thinking the dog is a threat and your only option is to put them down.”

Both puppies are waiting for surgery Monday, but Babb is concerned the girl’s leg will never fully heal. 

“There’s some nerve damage going on. She may loose the leg,” he explained. 

Babb is keeping the siblings close until they recover and he can find them families they deserve.

“I just keep in mind that they will go to a good home,” he added. 

Babb is urging homeowners in Hot Spring County and Garland County who see a dog on their property or one who looks like a stray, to call his rescue. Information on clicking here.

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