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It was a standing room only meeting Monday night in Texarkana, Texas, as the city council voted to annex some land, but not everything that was proposed.

The area north of McKnight Road and southwest of Richmond Road, known as study area one, was not annexed.  A vote was postponed on the area along Richmond Road, south of Stonevale Addition, known as study area six.

Motions to annex all other proposed areas, which include study areas two, three, four, five and seven, passed.  Resident Glen Wile’s property was annexed Monday night.  He said, “I think it was all set up just so they could get the (Texarkana) Golf Ranch in there, they should’ve left us alone … we’ve been talking to a number of lawyers to see what we can get done.”

Resident Charles Moulton owns property in study area one, and dodged annexation.  He said, “I consider us to be the lucky ones out of the group, but our fight is not over, by any means.  We are
still united with the other people who have been annexed.”

The city plans to gather next week for a workshop to discuss the possible annexation of study area six.


(Monday August 13, 2018 – 4:30pm) Texarkana, Texas city officials are expected to vote on whether to annex seven territories Monday night.

The city notified residents last month by mail.  Among them are some elderly residents who live on fixed incomes and say they can’t afford the higher property taxes.  Others say they chose to live free of city restrictions for a reason.

Resident Juli Akin and her parents live on property that’s been in their family since the 1930’s.  They are anxious about the extra money they’ll be forced to pay because they already live on a tight budget.  Akin said when she received the city’s letter, “It was like someone kicked us in the stomach and then they put their boot on our neck and we can’t get up.”   

Her father, Lonnie Hawkins, said he’s floored at the city’s bold move.  He has a message for council members before they vote.  He said, “Search your heart, and do you think you’re doing the people right by just forcing it on them instead of letting people vote?.” 

Tonight’s meeting is set for six o’clock at Texarkana, Texas City Hall. 

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