UPDATE: Landry applauding Bossier schools

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Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is applauding what he calls the Bossier School District’s proactive approach to protecting students religious freedom in school.

“Earlier this year and in an effort to clarify misconceptions, Congressman Mike Johnson and I released a publication on students’ religious expression in schools. The document was drafted primarily to support those school systems seeking to educate students of their constitutional rights in regards to religious expression. The Constitution makes it very clear: students do not have to surrender their First Amendment rights at the school house door. I commend Superintendent Scott Smith and the Bossier Parish School Board for working diligently to make sure students and teachers are aware of their constitutional rights. Superintendent Smith was the first to distribute our publication, over a month before this lawsuit was filed. Certain individuals who recently sued the School Board suggested policy changes resulted from their lawsuit. That is not only flatly false, but it also is a blatant mischaracterization of how our legal system works. Their lawsuit was essentially moot at the time it was filed.” 

ORIGINAL: A lawsuit was filed against the Bossier Parish School Board earlier this month, accusing the district of promoting Christianity in school.
Americans United for Separation of Church and State filed the federal lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of four Bossier families.

Today the school board addressed the lawsuit in this statement below:

The Bossier Parish School Board and its administration are committed to maintaining exceptional schools, respecting the rights and beliefs of every student and family in our community, and carefully following all applicable federal and state laws.

The Board is in the process of updating and supplementing its policies to ensure full legal compliance across the school district and is scheduling mandatory in-service training for all administrators, teachers and coaches on the policies and underlying laws.

We trust these affirmative steps will resolve the current federal court matter in short order so that precious taxpayer funds can be spent on continuing to improve the quality of educational services provided to students rather than on potentially expensive litigation.

As we implement revised policies and ensure full legal compliance on every campus in the district, Bossier Schools will always carefully respect and preserve the fundamental rights of all students, including their cherished First Amendment right to religious freedom.

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