UPDATE: TC Board to discuss leasing pool to TISD

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On Monday the Texarkana College Board will discuss leasing their swimming pool to the Texarkana Independent School District.

TC officials said the pool has become too much of a financial burden and needs repairs.  Renovations are expected to cost about two million dollars.  The thirty-year lease agreement calls for the school district to absorb that cost, plus everyday maintenance.

TISD Superintendent Paul Norton said, “That’s the biggest cost in this, is the renovation to the roof, because it is in such bad condition.  We hope that that the renovations will be done sometime in August of 2019.”

Repairs are expected to close the pool starting January, 2019.  TC President James Henry Russell said, “The pool is a project that the college does not feel like it is going to be able to fund and actually we’re at risk of having to close the pool at some point in the future, if another use for it was not made available.”

TISD officials said community usage of the pool will be determined after student schedules are finalized.  The public can comment on the agreement at the TC Board’s next meeting on October 22nd. 

TISD officials said they continue to welcome public feedback.  

The meeting is scheduled for 11:30 in the Patman Room of the Truman Arnold Student Center.

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