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Shreveport’s new downtown parking app is in full swing, but parking in some spots may cause confusion and could cost you.

Park Mobile allows you pay with your smartphone. This technology also means every space can and must be paid for downtown even if there’s a meter there or not. 

So missing meters downtown still mean money for you. 

“You have to pay one way or the other,” said Lorenzo Lee, parking administrator Downtown Development Authority.

The city launched Park Mobile in May. You pay through your phone and avoid carrying change plus running back outside to pay before you reach the two-hour limit. 

It’s not required to use, but you have to download and use it to park in those spaces without a meter. Which there are several spots downtown without meters.  

“If you choose to not utilize the app, which is not an obligation, you’ll need to park at a space with a meter,” Lee said.

So it’s pay up or move over to another spot. If you don’t, you’ll get one warning. 

“It may prompt a phone call to the office so we can explain to them that you are obligated to pay whether you are at a meter space or not,” Lee said.

If you do it again, the enforcement software will recognize your license plate and the free warning becomes a citation fee for an expired meter. Tickets costs ten-dollars and turn into 50-dollars if you pay late. 

“It may be a tourist or someone who is downtown once a year or  maybe not that frequently. But they are going to get that warning,” Lee said.

Lee said the warning helps educate the public the city’s parking policy. He said the app saves on installment costs for new meters which run upwards of 400-dollars. 

“So it saves some money in allowing us to bring back into enforcement those newly created spaces or those where we haven’t updated the meters,” Lee said. 

Parking fees are only enforced Monday through Friday during business hours. 

The city is still offering a twenty-days of winning giveaway to promote the Wallet Feature on the Park Mobile app. It comes with cheaper convenience fee if you use it to pay in advance. 


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