VIRAL VIDEO: Man transports horse in the bed of his truck


It’s certainly not something you see every day but, it’s all over the internet.

A horse riding down the highway in the back of a pickup truck.

Ami Parbs and her daughter were heading to Houston when they saw the bizarre sight, and captured it on video.

“One of her uncles always sees different, unique things whenever they’re out and about,” Ami Parbs said. “So we’re like ‘look! A horse in the back of a truck, let’s get a video of that for uncle Cody!'”

Parbs and her family have raised horses of their own.

She says the horse seemed to trust his owners, and didn’t appear to be afraid.

But she says it’s definitely not the recommended way to move a large animal.

“Obviously if you’ve got a trailer that’s better but as far as everything else, the owner had the reigns through the window of the truck, they obviously have a good rapport,” said Parbs.

Parbs wasn’t the only one on 59 South that day.

Kerry Costello also managed to snap a photo, though she was less entertained and more concerned.

“This is a major safety hazard,” said Kerry Costello. “There was not tailgate on the truck, the horse didn’t appear to be very stable and this could have turned into a very dangerous situation very fast.”

Eventually police met with the driver and say carrying a horse like this isn’t illegal.

Police say the driver was on his way to work and couldn’t pull his trailer, so he did this as an alternative. 

However Costello says he’s been seen doing this before.

“As things are coming to light the law is the issue because this is allowed, this is not prohibited at all,” she said.

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