Virginia Beach honors victims of mass shooting

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An entire community is supporting family and friends, while honoring those lives lost after the mass shooting at Virginia Beach.

For some, the finality of what happened Friday just starting to sink in.

The FBI continues to collect evidence at building two of the city’s municipal complex. Police say DeWayne Craddock a city engineer walked in just after four p.m. Friday and started shooting. 

He used two 45- caliber handguns with extended bullet magazines purchased legally, officials say. They won’t speculate on his motive.

“Investigators, they review everything they can possibly review. Once that’s all put together in a documented investigator file, it will all be reviewed and determine what led up to this incident,” said Chief James Cervera, Virginia Beach police department.

The shooter’s relatives posted this note Saturday. Offering condolences to his victims but not any clues as to why he did what he did.

For people in Virginia Beach, that’s not their main focus, anyway. 

“They leave a void that we will never be able to fill,” said David Hansen, Virginia Beach city manager.

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