Volunteers build food pantries


In Cass County volunteers have come together to help provide food for people in need.

In Linden, Texas volunteers are working together to build free food pantries to help people in the community.

The Community based project was pitched by Michelle Valentin when she noticed hunger was a problem. She adds, “part of what we do is to look at issues that face our community. That people with limited resources or that might be over qualified  face on a daily basis and food and security was a major issue.”

There are a total of four little free food pantries in Cass County. Valentin says,”there at the Atlanta Property Management they really like the fact that they can give back to their own communities.”

The idea is that people take what they need and leave what they can for the next person.
One volunteer has witnessed the positive impact the pantries have on the community.

Lucinda Trahan says, “we have tremendous community support in everything we do. I know people have brought things to city hall and I’ve supplied this stuff, I know people who’ve come here personally to help supply it.

Valentin is grateful for the outpour in community support. She adds,”it takes a whole village, it takes people digging holes to be able to put them in. It takes the builders, it takes people to be able to stock them.”

There are two pantries in Linden, one at Atlanta Property Management, and one at a local community center.

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