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Victor Frankenstein is often portrayed as a “mad scientist” whose ambition leads him astray. Victor Frankenstein and the “monster” he created first appeared 200 years ago in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein. Since then, these characters have appeared in plays, movies, TV shows, comic books, and many other places. You may recognize Frankenstein’s creature as a Halloween costume, a classic Hollywood monster, or the complex character in Shelley’s story.


  • Build the body. Use rubber bands to attach three or four markers to the pool noodle. These will be your creature’s “legs.” The drawing tips of the markers should point down and extend past the bottom of the tube.
  • Make it special. Now make your creature unique. Decorate it and give it special features. How can you give your creature its own personality and abilities?
  • Bring it to life Put an electric toothbrush inside the pool noodle. Place a sheet of paper inside a tray. Uncap the markers and place your creature on the paper. Now turn on the toothbrush. What happens? When you’re done, take out the toothbrush and let someone else use it!

The creation of of a Scribble Bot leads kids to ask the ethical question: Is the inventor of a technology responsible for what it does?

To find more information visit: http://www.nisenet.org/sites/default/files/scribble_bot_booklet.pdf

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