Wind-Catcher project approved in Louisiana

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SWEPCO is one step closer to having the largest wind farm in the nation. The Louisiana Public Service Commission approved the project Wednesday during their meeting in Baton Rouge.

The vote passed four-to-one. Commissioner Foster Campbell said this project will save people money using clean, renewable energy. SWEPCO said they were thrilled with the vote.

SWEPCO wants to purchase the two-thousand megawatt wind farm in the Oklahoma panhandle. One megawatt can power 250 homes. The project is under construction and expected to generate power by 2020.

“We’re looking at 4.5-billion dollars in savings for customers starting in the year 2021. Customers will see that on their bill because fuel costs is going to go down,” said Karen Wissing, SWEPCO spokesperson.

Campbell represents North Louisiana and he said the “Wind-Catcher” project will save on fuel costs because there’s no cost to generate electricity from wind.

“I’m one who believes in global warming. I think we have to do something to clean up our country. This is a great thing. It’s zero-effect on pollution. Zero effect on pollution! So why in the world wouldn’t we try and utilize the wind when it’s free and clean,” said Foster Campbell, Public Service Commission District 5.

Campbell said don’t believe the ads you see on T.V. from anonymous special interest groups. He argues who are they and where’s their science? 

“Wind is becoming very, very popular across our country and it’s good to see that SWEPCO is stepping out and being progressive about it,” Campbell said. 

SWEPCO said this will diversify their fuel sources which will pass on to customers. While 70-percent will still come from natural gas, coal, and lignite.

SWEPCO said it will also bring manufacturing jobs to Louisiana because turbine components need to be constructed in the state. Texas and Arkansas will also construct the turbine components.

The project still needs approval in by utility regulators in Texas and Oklahoma.

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