City officials: Avoid Shreveport waterways while repairs are underway


SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Shreveport city officials warn the public to not visit local waterways because of weather conditions and a sewer leak.

Weather conditions and heavy rain caused a main pipe to break apart, allowing sewage to drain directly into the Red River.

Shreveport Water and Sewerage officials said the main pipe going into the Stoner Boat Station has disjointed because of the elevated levels on the Red River impacting the groundwater, so they had to bypass the station to pump raw sewage directly into the river.

“The pipe where it’s been disjointed due to the influx of the river and groundwater, you can’t actually dig down and repair those pipes because the more you dig the more it just liquifies and undermines the integrity of the equipment that’s there to repair the pipes,” said Jeffery Anderson, deputy director of Water and Sewerage.

Anderson said they’ve tested the bacteria and the dissolved oxygen levels, and aquatic life is not being harmed. He said there’s no negative impact to the Red River because it’s just too big and fast for anything negative to stick around.

“The Red River is a much larger water body. It’s currently in it’s elevated stage it’s having over 56billion gallons of water a day coming by, so the amount of sewer that we’re diverting to the river is a very small amount in comparison to that. It’s less than one, one-hundred percent of that flow so it’s a very minuscule amount,” Anderson said.

Boat launches are already closed because of the river’s high levels, so people can’t access the river. But people should still avoid areas downstream, as the City cautions against fishing and recreational activities near Anderson Island until the Stoner Force Main is fixed.

Two contractors are working around the clock to make repairs and expect them to be complete in a week.

The Department of Environmental Quality is involved in this process.

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