Bond set for man accused of killing his mentally handicapped son


BATON ROUGE, La. (LOCAL 33/FOX 44) – Bond has been set for a Baton Rouge man accused of killing his mentally handicapped son who lived with him.

Online paperwork shows bond for 77-year-old Ellsworth Hull is $150,000. Hull was arrested Tuesday for the death of his son, 40-year-old Derrick Christophe. Police say it appears Hull tried to cover up the crime.

Baton Rouge Police Officers said they found Christophe dead in a bathtub Friday night. They said he had severe bruising to his arms, legs and back. A detective said he observed several lacerations and punctures of unknown depth, all over Christophe’s arms, legs and back, adding some of the wounds appeared old and his body was free of any blood. He said this indicates Christophe’s body had been cleaned up.

In court documents, the detective added he saw no signs of a struggle inside the home. He said he observed only a few drops of blood on the floor in the living room, hall and bathroom. He said empty bleach bottles were found throughout the house and it appeared that the home had been cleaned prior to the officer’s arrival.

The detective also said he saw a broken wooden mop handle on top of the refrigerator and a broken metal broom handle with a jagged edge in the trash can. Coroner Investigators examined the body and estimated Christophe had been dead for at least 12 hours.

Court documents show detectives said Hull admitted to hitting his son with a wooden mop handle several times. They said Hull stated that he may have also hit his son in the head with a broken metal broom handle. Detectives added that Hull stated he noticed his son wasn’t “coming to” like he normally does. They said Hull told them he changed the water in the bathtub several times while he tried to figure out what to do. Detectives added that Hull made references that indicated this same type of behavior has happened in the past.

Documents show that detectives said Hull admitted that a similar altercation took place about a week ago. Detectives added that Hull told them that during the altercation, his son grabbed him and Hull responded by hitting him with the wooden stick. Detectives said they saw a small friction abrasion on the inside of Hull’s hand which appeared to be made by gripping an object. Detectives said Hull told them he was not injured by his son during any of the altercations.

An autopsy revealed the cause of death was due to internal bleeding in the arm and back due to blunt force injuries.

Hull turned himself into police late Tuesday afternoon and was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison for 2nd Degree Murder.

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