Experts share ways to cope with news of recent mass shootings

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SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – People across the country, including in the ArkLaTex, are on-edge following the news of recent mass shootings.

But psychologists say it’s best to keep the tragic events in perspective.

“The chance of you, personally, being a victim of domestic terrorism – I think the numbers are comparable to winning the lottery,” said Dr. Michelle Yetman, clinical psychologist with LSU Health.

Shreveport’s Red River District is a popular gathering place, but some residents said they will now think twice before going out in a crowd.

“You have to ask questions these days,” said Tyrea Bell. “How long it’s gonna be, where it’s at, you know, because you don’t wanna go into the wrong neighborhood, especially if it’s big crowds.”

But some said what’s happening in other parts of the world is no reason to live in fear.

“Even though there may be fear, we still get up, we still go to work,” said Big Al Cherry. “We’re not gonna let a few bad apples, people who have, you know, different thoughts, keep us or hold us in prison.”

Instead, channel the negative news into positive action.

“If I had it my way, I’d be somewhere across the waters, but that’s easy,” said Nina Webster. “But, it’s about being the change that you wanna see in your community. Instead of hibernating, go out there and actually do what needs to be done.”

“If you have all these really strong emotions and you try to stuff them down, and pretend you’re not feeling them and just go about your day like nothing’s wrong, that’s not really healthy,” said Yetman.

Something you also shouldn’t ignore is your surroundings. Police said when you’re in a public place, be aware of your exits and don’t get lost in your mobile devices.

If a disaster should occur, they said “keep calm and carry on” is more than just a saying.

“When you panic, you cannot think clearly,” said Cpl. Marcus Hines, Shreveport Police Department. “Your fine motor skills are no good and you typically make bad decisions when you panic.”

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