SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – LSU Shreveport is investing in its scientific future with new research opportunities coming to campus.

The Chancellor just approved a $425,000 investment to build a Science Research Annex.

“Making students competitive and giving them something extra is really what we’re about here at LSUS. We want students to be in contact with a faculty member who could the world’s expert in that topic,” said Amanda Lewis, LSUS Director of Sponsored Research and Technology Transfer.

Professor Lewis said the new annex will allow students to work inside of labs, gaining hands-on experience while providing incoming faculty the space to conduct their research experiments. Which is needed because the current Science building has limitations due to its age.

“We can add new courses that we didn’t have the space for before. We can solicit for new grants. New grants bring the possibility of new equipment,” Lewis said.

Fostering research in areas including neurodegenerative disorders, studying plant chemicals for pharmaceutical purposes and much more. The building is being designed to adapt to changing scientific needs.

“Lots of different possibilities and the space is made to have flexibility.”

It’s also to meet the growing need for health care professionals by training students for medical school. Which makes the university more competitive in the region in attracting and retaining future doctors, biologists, scientists, and more.

“We have a lot of new exciting areas for our students to take advantage of, but also to show off to the community.”

The new Science Research Annex is set to be up and running by the Fall.