Nashville Scrappers 23 in 23 2017


The Nashville Scrappers breed success being one of the winningest programs not only in the state of Arkansas but the entire country. That should be no different for coach Volarvich and the boys this season.

Mike Volarvich:

Every year we have a goal to win the state championship.

A new year, but the same goals for the Nashville Scrappers. It’s state championship or bust.

Tyler Hanson:

Right after we lost last year, ever since that day we’ve really been setting the goals to get back in the state championship mix. We got knocked off, got surprised last year.

Tyler Hanson is back under center after throwing for more than 25-hundred yards and leading the Scrappers to an 11-1 record. 

Mike Volarvich:

He’s been great throughout the summer. He knows the offense in and out. He knows what we expect. He knows what we’re trying to get and how to distribute the ball to our playmakers.

Tyler Hanson:

I understand what we’re trying to do as an offense and I think senior year we’re going to have a good year on offense.

A good year once again. The Scrappers averaged more than 54 points per game last season. Hanson says the offense ticks not only because of the athletes on the field, but coach Volarvich’s system.

Tyler Hanson:

This guy knows what he’s talking about. He’s the real deal. You don’t put up as many points as we did last year if you don’t have a coach like that.

Last year the season ended in disappointment but that’s not something the Scrappers plan to get used to. 

Mike Volarvich:

We’re the third winningest program in the state in the history of playing football and we have the most playoff wins of any program in the state playing football. They’ve been winning a lot of football games here for a long time and we expect to do the same.

Football is life in Nashville Arkansas, and they have history and tradition on their side.

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