MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WFLA) — An Alabama man said he suffered two major losses in one day after an apparent tornado damaged his home while he visited his dying wife.

Frank Senn of Wetumpka, Alabama, told NBC affiliate WSFA that he was in a Birmingham hospital with his wife after she broke her neck two weeks earlier. Senn’s wife had fallen down the stairs of their home, severing her spinal cord.

Tuesday, he said he got news that devastated him.

“The doctor came in today and said there was nothing else they could do and took her off of life support,” Senn said. “My world is gone.”

When he returned to his home in Wetumpka, he found only more hardship.

Senn said a tornado directly hit his property, leaving only destruction in its path.

“The way the trees are twisted, it had to be either a small or a medium-sized tornado,” he said. “It cut a path through the woods.”

Trees blocked the family driveway, forcing Senn to walk through the forest to make it to his front door.

He told WSFA his two-story barn, boat and Camaro were flattened by trees knocked over by the storm. His house also suffered damage to its siding.

As of Tuesday, Senn said his wife has not yet passed away and will be placed in a care facility.

Meanwhile, he and his family will have to clean up the devastation left behind by the tornado and his wife’s death.