Parkway Junior serves as role model to younger students


BOSSIER PARISH, La. (KMSS) – A hometown girl from Elm Grove is making big plans for her future. She’s highly involved in many programs and earning above average academic success.

Brooke Silvertooth will start her Junior year this semester at Parkway High School. She grew up in Bossier Parish and attended Elm Grove Elementary and Middle School.

Her days are busy at Parkway. She’s in the National Honor Society, Student Council, Beta Club, cheerleading, K Paw the Student News Broadcasting Club, and a Parkway Red Jacket. She said she likes to stay involved.

“It’s definitely pretty challenging. But I enjoy being in all the clubs. It’s definitely not easy. But I somehow manage my time pretty well. Being involved in clubs that help change the school and help those around me, I figure out the time somehow,” Silvertooth said.

Brooke makes above a 4.0 GPA and takes AP classes. Her favorite subjects are English and Math. She’s also musically-talented. She can play percussion and the violin. She’s apart of Parkway’s prestigious orchestra. She said her older sister inspired her to learn to play.

“I fell in love with playing the violin even more. It’s been a really fun getaway for me,” Silvertooth said.

Out of all the clubs she’s in, her favorite is the student-to-student program because she gets to help others. The program helps new students adjust to their new school.

“When new students are coming into Parkway High School whether it’s through the military or just moving in general. It’s to help get them adjusted to parkway. Offering clubs they can be in, sports and classes,” she said.

Brooke is also a great debater. She’s excelling on the debate team where she’s learning about the world.

“Whenever I got into it at first I kind of thought of it as a process like which is better – McDonald’s or Taco Bell? But little did I know it’s real-world problems we’re facing and how to solve them,” Silvertooth said.

Being on debate has also help to inspire her for her career.

“I would really like to go to John Brown University and study Law with a minor in Political Science. Being on the debate team and it really further pushed my feeling of becoming a lawyer even more,” she said.

With all of her academic success, she shares a message for younger students.

“Get involved. No matter where you are, elementary, middle, high school, get involved. It’s a great way to meet new students. Help out your school and your community,” she said.

A young woman making her parents, school, and community proud. We’re proud to say Brooke Silvertooth is our Standout Student.

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