Salute The Badge: Bravery of off-duty Bossier City detective helps get seven alleged attempted murders off city streets


BOSSIER CITY, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The brave actions of an off-duty Bossier City detective played a key role in getting seven alleged attempted murders off city streets.

On May 19th, as dozens of people were eating dinner at a popular Bossier city restaurant, gunfire erupted in the parking lot.

Detective Karen McDonald had just finished eating at Chimi V’s on Old Minden Road. She says she was circling back towards the parking lot when she heard the unmistakable sound.

“I heard the pop, and the first pop I heard, I knew it was gun shots,” said Detective McDonald. “And it was so close to my truck I started ducking down.”

She immediately called dispatch. Two groups of people were shooting at each other.

McDonald heads up the police department’s digital forensics. She’s used to extracting evidence from cell phones and computers to catch criminals. But while she was off-duty that Wednesday night she didn’t have to extract evidence of a crime, one was happening right before her eyes.

“The one male that had been running across the parking lot after the shots were fired was walking to the vehicle,” said McDonald. “He had the gun in his hand and he put it in his pants.”

It may not be surprising that McDonald stopped what she was doing and alerted other officers of the situation at hand. What is surprising is that she got out of her vehicle and gave chase to the suspects all while unarmed.

“Well the community was in danger,” said McDonald. “There’s people all over the parking lot. These kids have already made it clear that they don’t care that there’s people in the parking lot. They’re shooting at each other. Cars are passing. Somebody has to do something.”

According to McDonald, the suspects soon jumped in a car and sped away. McDonald followed in her personal vehicle.

She says the suspects were weaving in and out through traffic. Minutes later, other Bossier City officers joined in the chase. She then peeled back.

Eventually everyone involved in the incident was taken into custody.

Bossier City Police arrested seven suspects on charges of attempted second-degree murder, aggravated criminal damage to property, and illegal use of weapons. Officers also seized five guns.

Those arrested were:

Lamarcus Taylor, 22, Dennis Taylor, 21, and Malik Taylor, 21, Tristan Manning, Jakaldrick Thomas, 20, Craigdrick King, 20, and Javious Lafear, 23.

McDonald knows that evening she quite possibly saved someone’s life through her actions.

“I certainly hope so,” she said.

When asked if she’d do it again, her answer came quickly.

“Absolutely,” she replied. “That’s just what we do.”

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