SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – This weekend 100 local kids will head out on the water all thanks to the kindness of the Shreveport Police Department as the department’s annual Community Oriented Policing youth fishing camp returns to Cross Lake for its 15th year.

“This is just one of our outreach programs to reach the kids,” said Captain Colette Kelly, Commander of the Community Oriented Policing Unit. “[We] build positive relationships with them. Mentor with them.”

Boys and girls ages six to 13 will gain a greater appreciation for fishing and practicing good habits while on the water. They’ll also learn life lessons from officers.

“My motto is don’t let the streets teach,” said Sergeant Rodney Bradley, a member of the Community Oriented Policing Unit. “They are going to get their education somewhere, why not intervene and allow us to teach them and let them grow, the way that they need to do. The correct way.”

Sergeant Bradley is hoping to bond with the kids as he will go fishing for the first time in his life this weekend.

According to Captain Kelly, these bonds are what the unit strives for.

“They make you feel so warm inside. They’re like, ‘Thank you for doing this. We appreciate it. We had fun. We had nothing else to do’,” said Kelly. “So we want to contribute to kids having some positive interactions.”

For Captain Kelly, this is the first time in her 31 years with the police department that she’s headed up the fishing trip, and she would love for your child to take part.

But spots are filling up fast!

You can find the application here.

The camp is happening June 25th, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Cross Lake Patrol, located at 2900 Municipal Pier Road.