Senior serves as leader and mentor at Evangel while working with special needs children


SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – A young man is recognized by his school for his leadership roles and care for his classmates. Meet this week’s Standout Student.

Matthew Davison is a straight A student and senior at Evangel High School. He’s a drum major helping lead the band program.

“We’ve kind of earned each other’s respect. It’s really a rewarding thing to do,” Davison said.

He’s musically-talent, he said thanks to his mom who is the band’s director, and got him to start playing the trombone in the fourth grade.

“I love playing the trombone. It’s a great way to make some music and have some fun,” Davison said.

Matthew interns with Evangel’s Foundations Program which teaches children with mental disabilities.

“It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. They are the sweetest kids you’ll ever meet. The most sincere. They’re just a blast to be around,” Davison said.

He helps the teachers with the special needs program and guides the students. “It’s awesome. I love it. It’s given me insight into their perceptive, and their world,” he said.

He said those with Autism are just like everyone else.

“Their just like us. They just think in different ways. They’re not any less smart or intelligent,” he said.

Matthew’s leadership and compassion is noticed by his school. His principal nominated him for Standout Student.

“I’ve seen him in action working with the kids and helping them. There’s nothing he’s asked to do that he won’t do. He thrives in that environment with helping kids. He comes alive for sure,” said Stacie Rathbun, Principal of Evangel Christian Academy.

He’s also a National Merit Semifinalist which represents the highest-scoring students in each state.

“We can have conversations about novels. We can take about chemistry. He’s that interested in learning and for a principal, that’s thrilling to see,” Rathbun said.

To qualify, students must complete an essay portion. “I actually wrote my essay about being a twin,” he said.

His twin is his sister Rachel.

“We’re best friends. We spend all our time together. She’s also a great student. She’s amazing and actually got a higher ACT score than I did,” he said.

He also has a younger sister named Holly.

“She is so intelligent. Just so smart. She’s going to blow me and Rachel out of the water. Just wait world Holly’s coming for ya!” he said.

Matthew credits his parents for pushing him towards success. His dad is a Christian counselor.

“He likes to tell jokes and make people laugh. I love him,” Davison said.

His mom is a music teacher at Turner Elementary. “She is the brightest and most flamboyant person you’ll ever meet,” he said.

Besides academics, Matthew also was on the wrestling team “I want to shoutout Coach Guerrero. He’s always been kind of my mentor and my friend. He was my wrestling coach when I was in the program,” Davison said.

He also shouts out Mr. and Mrs. Anderson from Evangel Christian Academy. He said Mr. Anderson helped him grow in his faith while Mrs. Anderson is the hardest working person on campus and deserves recognition.

Matthew is already taking college-level courses. He plans on attending Lubbock Christian College.

He’s still deciding on a major but knows … “I definitely know I want to work with kids thanks to the Foundations program.”

His principal said he embodies all the best parts of what being an Evangel student means. He’s gaining success for himself while mentoring younger classmates. Matthew Davison is definitely a Standout Student.

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