LITTLE ROCK, Ark – A state-led effort to reduce the feral hog population in Arkansas saw great results in June. On Tuesday, the Arkansas Feral Hog Task Force reported having removed 1,200 feral hogs in the previous month, adding that an additional 35 hogs were removed by state residents.

The task force is part of the Arkansas Department of Agriculture.

Feral hogs are an ongoing, if not growing, problem in Arkansas. By rooting for food, the animals destroy habitats, as well as eat ground-nesting birds, eggs, fawns, and domestic livestock.

The hogs’ ground foraging also leads to crop loss. Worse, hogs carry up to 45 bacteria, diseases, and parasites, including trichinellosis, brucellosis, and swine flu virus.

Statistically, 66% of the feral hog population must be removed each year to keep the herd from growing. By hunting, 8% to 50% of the population is taken each year in Arkansas.

The hunting season for feral hogs in Arkansas is year-round, although they may not be taken in certain Wildlife Management Areas, which are listed with Arkansas Game and Fish.