‘Dateline’ revisits the mysterious disappearance of an Arkansas realtor


(NBC News) — Tonight on “Dateline,” Beverly Carter, a top-selling realtor from Little Rock, Arkansas, goes missing after showing a house. When her friends receive mysterious text messages from Beverly, they know something isn’t right. What could have happened?

Here’s a preview of Andrea Canning’s report:

On an unseasonably warm September day in 2014, Brenda remembers Beverly telling her she was going to show a house not far from her home. The potential buyers were offering cash.

BRENDA RHOADS: She really didn’t wanna go. She was tired. But she was hopin’ that she’d be able to get a fast close. Because if it’s a cash close, you can also close it quicker.

ANDREA CANNING: So, this is just kind of an everyday, run-of-the-mill showing.


BRENDA RHOADS: It’s a no-brainer, yeah.

Beverly left the office and headed off to show the property to a young couple. 

She told her husband she’d be home for dinner.

ANDREA CANNING: But you didn’t hear from her.


Carl says he started to worry. Beverly had given him the address, so he decided to take a ride over.

CARL CARTER SR: If she’s over there sh– her car will be there.  Well, I went over, drove around there. And there was her car.

ANDREA CANNING: Beverly was not in the house?

CARL CARTER SR.: That’s right.

ANDREA CANNING: So, this is panic time for you.

CARL CARTER SR.: Yeah. I thought it was weird because Beverly wouldn’t leave unless she was in her car.

ANDREA CANNING: Do you call the police?

CARL CARTER SR.: Yes, instantly.

That call set off a frantic search for Beverly Carter. Where was she?

Watch “Dateline,” tonight on KTAL NBC 6 at 9 p.m.

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