BALDWIN, La. (KLFY) — Attorneys for 15-year-old Quawan “Bobby” Charles’ family say his parents are not angry that Janet Irvin, the woman arrested for her involvement in their child’s death, was recently released from jail.

Janet Irvin bonded out of the Iberia Parish Jail Thursday after a judge lowered her bond by over $300,000 earlier this week.

“The family is very cognizant of the fact that each defendant in this state and this country has as right to confront their accuser. They’re innocent until proven guilty. However, $400,000 to $90,000 is quite a bit, right?” Chase Trichell, an attorney for Quawan’s family, said.

Irvin’s bond was set at $400,000. After spending two months in jail, a judge reduced her bond to $90,000 and set restrictions for her parole.

Irvin is required to wear a ankle monitor and must live at her boyfriend’s home in Youngsville. She can only leave for court, work, or medical purposes.

“As we go, there’s going to be little speed pumps. There’s going to be things that happen. The family is, I would say, they’re surprised, but they’re not disappointed. They’re not dissuaded. They’re not thrown off the track. They’re staying focused, and they’re happy to see there’s a light at the end of this tunnel,” Trichell added.

He says Quawan’s parents aren’t angry that Irvin was allowed to be released from jail.

“They’re still happy there’s been an arrest. They’re still hopeful the prosecutors will utilize their skills, will utilize everything at their disposal to ultimately bring this person to justice and get some finality for Quawan and his loved ones,” he said.

He says Quawan’s parents understand this is part of the process. Janet Irvin bonding out of jail just means they’re one step closer to her trial.

“They want justice. They want answers. They want finality. They want peace. They want the ability to ultimately move on and honor Quawan’s name in some type of meaningful, positive way. That can’t happen if the individual charged is not ultimately brought to justice,” he said.

Trichell says Quawan’s parents are looking forward to Irvin’s trial so they can finally get answers about how and why Quawan ended up dead in a sugarcane field behind the Irvin’s home.

More than anything, he says Quawan’s parents want justice and change.

“They’ve come to the the realization they’re not going to bring Quawan back. That was the initial shock, I think, was wrapping their mind around the fact their 15-year-old son is gone,” he said. “So now what they’re focusing on is, what can we do to honor his life? What can we do to prevent this from happening to the net 15-year-old child?”

They hope to prevent this from happening to another child, whether that’s through establishing new protocols, a scholarship, or legislation.