Harrison County/Marshall offer 4-week grace period to pay fines before warrant round-up


MARSHALL, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – The Marshall Police Department, in conjunction with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office and the Marshall Municipal Court, are making an offer that would be hard to refuse, as there’s a ‘warrant roundup’ looming.  

However, before the roundup begins, the Municipal Court will is allowing a grace period that will begin Monday and go through Oct. 8. That grace period will allow people to come forward to square their debt, pay their fines without further penalties, no foul, no harm.

The Court will waive warrant fees on municipal warrants issued before Monday. Cases will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and arrangements can be made to clear outstanding citations and warrants.

“If you have forgotten to pay a ticket or forgot to appear for a court date in the Municipal Court, you may have an outstanding warrant in your name,” said Marshall Police Chief Cliff Carruth.

“The best thing to do is to come forward and clear your name as soon as possible. Don’t risk being arrested once the warrant roundup starts,” Carruth said, which in addition to saving money, will prevent one of those embarrassing visits from police at home or at work.

Municipal Court Judge Brendan Roth added that, “there may be alternatives available to satisfy a case, individuals should contact the Marshall Municipal Court to inquire about that possibility.”

To determine if they have an outstanding warrant, people may contact the Marshall Municipal Court at (903) 935-4535 or go to https://www.marshalltexas.net/…/1411/Warrant-list-81221a

In addition, people wishing to pay fines online may do so at: www.trafficpayment.com. The citation number and fine are necessary, and they can be found at :https://www.marshalltexas.net/…/1411/Warrant-list-81221a

Fines may also be paid in person by going by the Marshall Municipal Court at: 110 S. Bolivar, Suite 104B, Marshall, TX 75670.

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