CARTHAGE, Texas (KETK) – A Shreveport man charged with capital murder for allegedly killing a Panola County deputy on New Year’s Eve 2019 has requested that his trial be moved elsewhere.

49-year-old Gregory Newson is accused of shooting 28-year-old Christopher Dickerson after he was pulled over. Dickerson was able to return fire before Newson drove away.

Newson was found one hour later across the Louisiana border in Shreveport with gunshot wounds, a punctured lung and broken ribs after he crashed.

The case has received wide media attention from media organizations in East Texas and even in Shreveport. Newson’s lawyers argue in the motion that “There exists… so great a prejudice against [Newson] that a fair and impartial trial is rendered either impossible or highly unlikely.”

Newson wrote in an affidavit that the prejudice is “evidenced by the fact that I have continuously been housed in the Gregg County Jail, ostensibly for my personal safety.”

They also say that the prejudice extends beyond just Panola County, but also into surrounding counties “in the East Texas media market area.”

A hearing has not yet been set for the motion to be heard. Newson is still being held in the Gregg County Jail on a $6 million bond.

At a 2020 hearing, a recording of a phone call he made from inside the jail was played where Newson claimed that Dickerson followed him for miles. Newson could be heard on the recorded call saying the deputy fired first and that he fired back because he thought he was trying to kill him.

Dickerson’s death prompted a national, and even international, show of support from local police and organizations. Forces from across the country sent their condolences to the Dickerson family and the New York Yankees sent flowers to be put at his gravesite.