RED RIVER COUNTY, Texas. (KTAL/KMSS) — Residents in Clarksville are demanding that a confederate statue that has been in the town square for over a century be removed from all public display.

(Photo: KTAL/KMSS Staff)

The statue located on the Clarksville Square was reportedly built in the 1860s. Cory Gray, the spokesperson for the removal of the statue, says he is asking all Clarksville residents to gather at the city hall for a meeting Tuesday night.

Some argued this statue is history and traces back to their family heritage. Others see it as a symbol of hate.

“The statute, the confederate artifacts, the hanging tree that is erect. We need those things to be removed. They do not represent the community. They do not represent the community. They do not represent us. We’re here for unity and love. They cause division,” Gray.

A petition for the statue’s removal already has 3,761 signatures, and 379 of them were submitted Tuesday. The same document will be presented at the meeting, which is set to begin at 6:00 p.m.

Gray has collected nearly 4,000 signatures. Residents opposed to the statue removal are demanding a vote. As a result, they want to see it placed in a museum.

“It doesn’t have to be destroyed because just like I have an opinion, the opposite has an opinion as well,” Gray.

Residents opposed to the statue’s removal are demanding the decision be put to a vote.