TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – Police in Texarkana called to investigate something “burnt along the wall of a building” Thursday morning ended up finding and arresting a man who literally had the evidence on his hands and left part of his pants at the scene of the crime.

Officers say they arrived at the 500 block of West 5th Street to investigate and found that someone cut the copper out of the air conditioning units then attempted to burn off the insulation from the copper tubing.

According to police, there was a bicycle sitting outside of the fenced enclosure that housed the unit and also a piece of denim left behind from the suspect’s jeans.

Officer Jerrika Weaver says she was inside of the business getting information when an employee told her they had just seen a man walk in the alley and thought he owned the bicycle. When she returned outside, the bike was gone.

Sergeant Kris Smith saw 33-year-old Adam Morgan riding the bike across a parking lot and stopped him. The officer says he noticed that Morgan had soot on his hands and there was a piece of denim missing from his jeans that was the same shape and size as the piece left near the scene.

Police say Morgan tried to explain to Sgt. Smith that he’d found the bicycle abandoned a few minutes before and the pants he was wearing weren’t really his.

“Obviously, no one bought that story at all,” TTPD said in a Facebook post relaying the details of the investigation and arrest.

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Police say the copper was found in a nearby alley along with some tools stolen from a truck that had been parked near the business, all of the stolen items were returned. Morgan was arrested and booked into Bi-State Jail for theft of material and is being held on a $40,000 bond.