TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – Many southern Louisiana and Texas residents are evacuating to hotels in the Texarkana region for shelter. 

Most of the hotels in this area are sold out for Wednesday night. Some of the locations we spoke to said if they have any rooms left, they’re offering those at a discounted rate because of the storm.

Many hotels currently range between $80 and $90 per night. Some are also waiving pet fees and not limiting the number of family members per room. One hotel we spoke with said they’re actually booked up with emergency responders.

“We’ll actually be sold out for basically the rest of the week and we’re dedicating our hotel to SWEPCO and AEP workers coming to prepare for the blackouts that’ll be coming with the storm,” said Kristina Schwartz, Holiday Inn Employee.

The Marriott in Texarkana, Texas mentioned about eleven rooms will be available as early as Thursday.