Texarkana bike shop asking for community’s help with stolen lumber from bridges


TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – A bike shop in Texarkana is asking for the community’s help after lumber used to build bridges on bike trails was stolen.

For many years, mountain bikers have been building bridges across the trail at Bringle Lake Park in Texarkana with the help of donations. 

Recently, Terry Berridge, the owner of Berridge Bikes, says he got a call that someone stole all of the lumber and gear used to maintain the trails.

“Apparently someone was aware that it was there and just finally took off with everything that was there, ” said Berridge.

Berridge says bikers, kids, and families spend a lot of time on the trail and crossing over the bridges.

“I was just really disappointed that someone thought that it was worth taking. That they didn’t understand how much that meant to the community,” said Berridge.

So far, the group has built 7 bridges on the Bringle Lake Trail to put it into perspective…Each bridge normally costs about one to two thousand dollars to build. However, due to the spike in lumber prices, it would now cost about six times that amount.

Berridge says there’s a gofundme page to help recoup some of the financial loss.

“Now we don’t have any lumber or anything to fix that stuff with. Uh- and so now we’re out trying to raise money so we can purchase the proper lumber for the projects we’re trying to accomplish,” said Berridge.

Krista Anderson works at the bike shop. She says she was shocked when she heard the news.

“Crushed, and like aggravated, irritated, mad because I would take it home, cut it up, use it to fix bridges. Because I’m trying to keep the bridges together. Keep them safe because little kids ride across those bridges. And when broads get broken there’s a risk that somebody can get hurt,” said Anderson.

Anderson’s job is to repair the bridges. Due to heavy rain this season, the water left behind a lot of damage.  Now, she’s left with no materials to work with.

“We’re all volunteers. None of us get paid to do any of this. We’re out there blood, sweat, tears. Blowing the trail. Working our butts off. And to have somebody just be selfish and take everything that we needed to work with just really kind of got me here *points to heart*,” said Anderson.

To donate, visit the GoFundMe page.

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