TEXARKANA, Ark. (KTAL/KMSS) – Texarkana, Arkansas is working on a plan to make some much-needed improvements to the city’s water and sewage system, and it will mean higher rates for customers.

The board of directors recently held a presentation with Texarkana Water Utilities to discuss the future of the system. Some of the work needing to be done includes replacing the current water pipes, adding generators, and fixing the pressure in higher populated areas.

Texarkana Arkansas Mayor Allen Brown says the city is currently working on a budget to cover the cost of the improvements, but it will ultimately require customers to pay more.

“There’s just not enough funding there to do what we need to do and so the water company‘s been working on a rate study for both Arkansas and the Texas side,” said Brown. “We’re starting to see the results of that rate study now. It’ll be up to the board of directors to decide on how we want to phase that rate study.”

Brown says the work the higher rates on water bills will affect both residential and commercial accounts.