HEARTBREAKING: Puppies thrown in dumpster in deep East Texas

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On May, 7 a maintenance worker at an apartment complex in Lufkin was at the dumpsters when he saw something heartbreaking.

Two puppies abandoned inside a dumpster.

“Somebody has threw two little puppies in a dumpster, if that ain’t heartless I don’t know what is,” the man said in his Facebook video.

The man got the pair out and waited for animal control to bring them to the shelter.

“For something so beautiful to be taken and just thrown away like that it’s very heartbreaking for us,” said Paula Taylor, Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter Interim Director.

When found both pups had collars on and didn’t seem to be afraid of people nor did they seem malnourished or unhealthy in any way.

This has lead the shelter to believe they were pets.

“Definitely somebody’s pets, whether they were taken from that person and dumped in a dumpster or the person themselves dumped them in the dumpster we have no idea,” said Taylor.

The puppies are playful and great around people and the shelter has given both pups their shots.

All they need now is a foster or a forever home.

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