Interview with guitarist of 3 Doors Down before concert in Bossier

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BOSSIER CITY, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Two big name bands perform Thursday night in Bossier City for the first concert since the pandemic.

3 Doors Down and Seether took to the stage of the Brookshire Grocery Arena bringing entertainment and economic impact back to area.

We interviewed the guitarist of 3 Doors Down before the show.

The famous rock band will play their entire debut album, “The Better Life” for their 20th anniversary tour. Joining Seether for a big night for Bossier City.

“Everyone who comes to the show tonight is going to know pretty much every song it’s a good night,” said Chris Henderson, guitarist of 3 Doors Down.

Henderson said their music is a reflection of their personal lives.

“100% comes from the heart. Every song we’ve ever written has been written by us. It’s around a feeling or something that was going on at the time. We don’t just write about stuff we pull out of thin air like some songwriters do. We write about what’s happening. So everything’s about us. It’s about leaving home, our children, our families or something like that,” Henderson said.

The band just released a remastered anniversary edition of “The Better Life” plus nine song sessions first recorded at their Mississippi hometown in 1996.

“When you first do a record they master it for radio and T.V., and car stereotype, those type of things. But now everything’s mastered for cell phones so they remastered it so it sounds better in people’s ears when they listen to it on Bluetooth and stuff like that,” Henderson said.

He said they had to cancel their 2020 tours, and people can not underestimate how difficult the year was for people in music industry.

“Now we’ve been doing this a long time so we were lucky because you know we could stay home and our band would survive. But a lot of bands did not survive. And a lot of musicians did not survive in the music industry because with the music industry a lot of people think who’s in it are rich. But but it’s a tough gig and a tough business, and it’s just like anything else if you can’t work you can’t eat,” Henderson said.

This is their sixth show on the road so far.

“It’s been incredible and the crowds have been amazing. Everyone’s really ready to get back and at least feel normal for an hour and a half,” Henderson said.

Bringing back a sense of nostalgia and normalcy for a band many have grown up to.

“I hope they take home a memory, a feeling of nostalgia from the last 25 years. I hope they take home the enjoyment of being in public and things getting back to “normal” as they possibly can be. I hope they take home just a good feeling. A memory of tonight that they’ll never forget,” Henderson said.

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