Love takes flight: Aggie takes marriage proposal to new heights

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BRYAN, Texas (KAGS/NBC) – Things were kind of up in the air when Nicholas Reynolds and Hannah Robertson met at a dance hall.

“I had actually gone to dance with another friend of mine that night,” Nicholas said. “While I was waiting on her to show up, Hannah actually came up to ask me to dance.”

It didn’t take long for these two to sweep each other off their feet.

Nicholas is a commercial pilot who just graduated from Texas A&M with an aerospace engineering degree in 2020. Hannah is in nursing major, who is set to graduate in 2021.

“The first time he took me flying, we’d been dating a month,” Hannah said. “He took me on a sunrise flight in College Station and we looked down on Kyle Field.”

The Aggie couple talked about marriage, but Hannah didn’t guess what idea took off in Nicholas’ mind.

Nicholas said he wasn’t allowed to propose to Hannah in the plane, because his cousin had done that recently with his now wife.

Marriage proposals happen every day, but Nicholas wanted to take his to new heights, finding a unique way to blend two of his loves, in order to gain his co-pilot for life.

“I had to come up with something a little more original so I was scrambling trying to figure out some idea,” he said. “I had to incorporate an airplane in some way.”

FlightAware is a website that tracks plane flight paths in real time. With that in mind, Nicholas took to the sky, professing his love and intentions unseen in the air but spelled out in his flight path.

After landing, he took Hannah to the bridge they went to on their first date, and asked for clearance – to marry him. He used his phone to show her the flight pattern to pop the question.

A pilot at Coulter Airfield in Bryan found a unique way to propose to the woman he wanted as his co-pilot in life.

“I was speechless, you know, I had no idea,” Hannah said. “I was just nodding, and he said, ‘I need some verbal confirmation from you,’ and I said, oh yeah! I forgot my one line!”

Now, even weeks later, they are still swept up. 

“Every day, we keep falling more and more in love,” Nicholas said. “We keep trying to become more and more patient and understanding with each other. That’s the type of person you want to be with forever.”

Spend just minutes with Nicholas and Hannah, and you don’t have to be up in the air to realize they will be walking on it for years to come.

Nicholas and Hannah’s wedding date is set for New Year’s Day 2021. 

They plan on tying the knot in Colorado.

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