Texas family survives road rage shooting/fire: on cam

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GALVESTON, Texas (CNN) – A family of four celebrating the Fourth of July nearly lost their lives when a road rage driver opened fire on their car.

That caused fireworks inside the car to explode –engulfing the vehicle in flames.

Jasmin Wolford, Reginald Smith, and their two sons, two-year-old Messiah and one-year-old, Bentley were on their way to a party–

When deputies say 18-year old Bayron Rivera shot into their car igniting fireworks, catching it on fire.

“I didn’t realize it was that bad until I saw the video myself,” said Wolford.

The two boys were severely burned.

“They haven’t even been here that long the world has already been so cruel.”

Good samaritans took the family to a nearby hospital where they were taken by helicopter to Shriners in Galveston.

“Could you imagine having such a good day with your kids and then in a blink of an eye that changes to where you cant recognize your kids?”

They’re grateful though for their doctors and are keeping a positive outlook.

As for Rivera, he’s been charged with four counts of aggravated assault.

The family will stay at the hospital for the foreseeable future.

There’s no telling how long they’ll stay at Shriners, but the hospital says they will work with the two boys until they’re adults.

A Gofundme page has been set up to help the family medical expenses.

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