TTPD and TAPD take on nationwide 'lip sync challenge'

TEXARKANA - The lip sync challenge between police departments taking the nation  by storm has made its way to Texarkana.

In a video posted to Facebook Texarkana, Texas police officer Brad Thacker sings a heart felt rendition  of Whitney Houston's "I will always love you" to one of " to one of his favorite snacks.


"I knew I'd do something funny and no better than to do I'll always love you to a donut," said Brad Thacker. Since Thacker's video the department now has a total of seven videos, more than 7.3 million views and thousands of comments.


"The comments have been pretty funny. You know every time I see somebody they offer me a donut," said Thacker.


TTPD isn't the only department up for a challenge. The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department made a video as well.


Sergeant Corvette Phillips and three other officers teamed up to sing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.
"I really didn't know too much about the song. I YouTubed it. It was like five-million views. I was like wow where have I been. It was a short time for me to learn the song, but it was good song," said Phillips.


At a time when viral police videos tend to show controversy. It's great these internet sensations capture positivity."It's good to show a positive image. Hey we eat at the same burger king you do. Listen to the same music you do. We like to have a good time too," said Phillips.

To view the full videos visit the police departments Facebook pages.


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