WASHINGTON D.C. (KTAL/KMSS) – In Washington, Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy hosted a roundtable panel Wednesday to discuss his latest bill proposal.

The roundtable discussion centered on the dyslexia bill Cassidy proposed in December of 2021. He hopes to increase federal funding by defining dyslexia as its own unique learning disability.

“Twenty percent of children in our country are dyslexic. They may talk. They may be told they’re stupid, retarded, slow learners but they’re dyslexic,” Cassidy said. “If they’re diagnosed dyslexic, given the appropriate curriculum, learn to read, their future is as bright or brighter than anyone else.”

Cassidy also says that establishing specialized schools for dyslexic students is a key part of the solution. This is an initiative that he and his wife recently began in Louisiana.

“The Louisiana legislature just passed a law which will require all of our departments of education to begin having at least three hours in their curriculum for those who wish to be teachers. Three hours on reading the science of reading, including a discussion of dyslexia,” he explained.

Senator Cassidy says he’s proud of the progress made in Louisiana but he hopes to see the same strides made nationwide.