Beefalo on loose for weeks in Connecticut escaped slaughter

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PLYMOUTH. Conn. (AP) — An 800- to 900-pound (360- to 410-kilogram) beefalo remains on the loose in Plymouth, Connecticut, weeks after it escaped while being loaded off a truck for slaughter.

The beefalo is a cross between a bison and domestic cattle and escaped from a meat processing business on Aug. 3, the Hartford Courant reported.

Authorities attempted to confront an animal believed to be the beefalo Wednesday near Route 72 but retreated when the animal showed signs he would charge the officers.

In an initial release, police identified the animal as a steer, and then as the missing beefalo in Friday’s release.

Plymouth Police spokesperson Capt. Edward Benecchi admitted that no one has gotten close enough to the animal to confirm.

Katie Adkins, owner of Plymouth Meats — from where the beefalo escaped — described the animal as “a little wilder than normal cattle… I mean, it’s half buffalo.”

The animal is believed to be in thick woods and is considered dangerous.

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