Baker Emerging as a Leader for Southwood


Eddie Hamilton said, “He brings life to us. It’s defeinitely fun to have him here, and we need him.”

Bobby Baker is a senior point guard for the Southwood Cowboys. 

“My role is to get other guys involved. Make sure the coach isn’t talking a lot. Make sure he’s not mad.”

Baker, though, wasn’t always accustomed to playing within that role.

“Going through a variety of coaches that have come through the program I haven’t learned how to play certain roles,” Baker said, “and I didn’t know that you had to play a role in this type of game.”

Baker struggled to adapt, and following a disagreement with head coach Eddie Hamilton, the senior was dismissed from the team.

“It never was meant to take him away from the team permanently. It was more so to give him an opportunity to see how much of an opportunity it is to be a part of a group,” Hamilton said. “There’s 1,600 kids in this school, and we have 12 guys playing varsity basketball. I guerantee there is 100 more guys that want to play.”

The decision was eye-opening for the point guard.

“During that time, I just learned a lot of stuff about me that I can improve as a young man in the future,” Baker said.

And, after missing five games, Baker was allowed back on the team, sporting a new perspective.

“It’s not even about basketball,” Baker said. “It’s about fixing yourself as a young man, as a person, from the inside so you won’t bring out negativity to others.” 

Now, embracing his role, Baker has turned into a leader for the Cowboys.

“That’s why I call him the engine,” Hamilton said. “This car can’t ride without our engine, and since he’s been back he’s been a big part of our identity.”

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