Bennie Logan gives back to Red River Athletics


Jori Parys said, “One person can make a difference. Bennie Logan has always wanted to.”

Bennie Logan said, “My dream was always to be a police officer or fire fighter never had any dreams or thought of being in the NFL.”

Jori Parys said, “But playing in the NFL was meant to be. An LSU Tiger turned into an Eagle, Chief and Titan. None were quite as special as being a Red River Bulldog.”

Bennie Logan said, “The bonding like you come from a town and you’re playing from the guys around town. Just the togetherness you all have is unreal compared to being in the NFL and being in college. I always knew if I ever get in a position like that I wanted to give back to them.”

Jori Parys said, “And he has. In the past two years Bennie has donated $25,000 to the athletic program.”

JC Dickey said, “We bought new warm ups for the girls basktball team last year. Our football team has new equiptment, pre conditionend helmets. We bought baseball equiptment and divided the money between some of the minor sports.”

John Bachmann said, “Bennie has just been one of those guys that is remembering where he came from. It’s the story of sports, this is his home.”

Jori Parys said, “So your junior year at LSU you’re given the number 18 which signifies being a selfless guy. Then you give thousands of dollars to your high school program yet you want no one to know. Where does that humility come from?”

Bennie Logan said, “I don’t live for like the hype and fame and people are like he’s doing this or doing that. A lot of things I do I try to keep it away from the public. As long as you’re doing it from the kindness of your heart that’s what always matters.”

Jori Parys said, “Currently a free agent, whatever is in store for his future Coushatta has his back. He will continue to have theirs.”

JC Dickey said, “Every few weeks I’ll get a text or a facebook post or an instant message from him just to say I’ve been keeping up with things going on at Red River.”

Bennie Logan said, ” I want to play another year or two in the NFL before I retire and just enjoy my life. I have a few teams that are interested in me but I’m not rushing.”

Jori Parys said, “A true hometown hero.”

Bennie Logan said, “I just want them to know it doesn’t matter where you come from just work hard and be dedicated to it.”

John Bachmann said, “He’s touched the school, he’s touched all the sports, he’s certainly touched football. Thank you Bennie.”

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