Brad Cesak talks with Louisiana Tech senior Jaylon Ferguson


Brad Cesak said, “Last season didn’t exactly meet the goals y’all going into the year, but you end on a positive note with the Frisco Bowl win over SMU. How did that carry over into the offseason and into spring and summer workouts?”

Jaylon Ferguson said, “That just showed us that anything is possible right now. We beat SMU. We’ve got four back to back bowl wins. It showed us, the whole team, that anything is possible if we push, but even though we didn’t win Conference USA, we didn’t win the championship, so we’ve got a hunger still. It just showed us anything is possible if we put our mind to it, so why not win the conference championship.”

Cesak said, “Now as a team, and especially on the defensive side, you guys are returning a lot of players from last year’s squad. It’s been a new thing from the last couple of years to have so many guys back. How has that prepared y’all for what’s to come this upcoming season?”

Ferguson said, “It helps a lot. We have players that have already been in the game, and we have players that have been in certain situations, so they react better under pressure versus having fresh players that haven’t been in certain situations and they don’t know what to do. It’s also gives us a big step forward going into camp because players already know the playbook, and we can start making moves and improvements to the team. I like it. It’s really been a help this year.”

Cesak said, “Now for you in particular, I know there is already some buzz around you for next year’s NFL draft. How do you keep all of that stuff out of your head and just focus on this upcoming season?”

Ferguson said, “My teammates help me out with that a lot. They humble me every day in different ways, and then I’ve got a strength coach that gives me a good kick every now and then. Whenever my ego gets to big, I’ve got players that can bring me back down. I’m not the only great one on the team. I’m not the only good one the team. We’re surrounded by players like Jordan Bradford, Immanuel Turner, Matthew Ydarraga, Willie Baker. It’s hard to feel like your the best player on a team like that.”

Cesak said, “Jaylon, good luck this season with everything you’ve got going on. The Bulldogs open the year on September 1st at South Alabama. 

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