Calvary’s Kailey Brookshire will represent Team USA in power lifting


Strength can be defined in many ways. 

Kailey Brookshire said, “Of course you have your physical strength but it also is mental too.”

Daniel Vanderberg said, “Consistant action over time with hard work and dedication.” 

However defined, it’s undeniable that Kailey Brookshire is strong.

Brookshire said, “I don’t look like I can do that but I can.”

A Junior at Calvary High School, the sixteen year old won High School Nationals in power lifting. That lead to an invitation to compete with Team USA in Japan this upcoming May. 

Vanderberg said, “She ran into the weight room she was pumped up. Guess what coach I’m going to Japan. We’re honored, that’s the first girl from Calvary and this is our second year of having a full team.”

Brookshire said, “My new years resolution I had was to go to worlds for power lifting whether it was all around worlds or bench worlds which is what I’m going to.”

Brookshire can put up weight more than double her one hundred and three pound stature, but that is not only what makes her a special athlete. 

Brookshire said, “I run cross country and track and I play soccer.”

Vanderberg said,  “She would never miss a work out. She’ll revolve her entire schedule around her work out because she has her goals.”

Power lifting is quickly growing in Louisiana and Brookshire hopes her accomplishments encourgage others to get in the gym.

Brookshire said, “If any girl may think that it’s probably not for them I would encourage them to give it a try and they’d be surprised to find out how fun it is.” 

Vanderberg said, “I think with social media now a days people are seeing hey it’s ok to be in shape and fit and they have access to information they’ve never had before.”

Calvary has never before seen strength like Kailey Brookshire’s. 

Brookshire said, “When you’re in here in the gym and you may not feel the best you have to have that mental strength to keep pushing and just every day life you may run into an obstacle or two but its the strength that you have to keep pushing through no matter what.”

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