CJ Regula’s hockey career will continue at The Ohio State University


CJ Regula was traded to the Mudbugs this past November but his NAHL career began in 2016.

CJ Regula said “The entire year in 2016 with the Witchita Falls Wildcats then they folded. Then I played for Corpus. Corpus traded me to Minnesota Wilderness. This year I started with the Muskegon Lumberjacks got sent down to Minnesota again and then Minnesota traded me here.”

With 5 goals and 15 assists in 23 games, the defensemen has made quite an impact on the blue line both offensively and defensively.

CJ Regula said “Its been awesome you know I came in right away and I’ve been helping out. It’s good to feel needed and wanted.” 

Naturally his play garnered attention. In January CJ signed to play hockey at The Ohio State University.

CJ Regula said “They started talking to me like right when I got down here a few months ago. The fact that I was doing good here obviously helped and I do credit that to Soupy and the Coaching staff. I’m super excited to be close enough to where my family can come see the games.”

Turns out hockey runs deep in the Regula family. 

CJ Regula said “My Dad was the team dentist for the Detroit Redwings for 30 years.”

It doesn’t stop there. CJ’s younger brother Alec was drafted in the third round by the Detroit Redwings this past summer.

CJ Regula said “We’re super close it’s awesome. We train together in the summer every day skate work out. This is my first year playing defense and he’s been playing defense his whole life so I’m trying to ask him what to do and ask questions here and there. He’s obviously super supportive and I am of him as well.”

CJ is focused on finishing his NAHL career as a Mudbug which gives him some time to practice…

I- O.

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