From Haiti to the Bossier Football Field


Football is the most popular sport in America. But for Bossier senior Fred Moise it was never a sport he ever thought he would play.

Fred Moise said, “We didn’t really play it at home but we knew of it.”

That’s because home is not America. Moise moved to the states when he was 12 from Haiti after his father was in an accident.

Moise said, “He needed better treatment for his ankle so he had to come here for better doctors and stuff like that.”

His family came looking for a new life. Which turns out, is a little different here.

Moise said, “Struggle every day to put food on your plate, provide for you put clothes on your back. Raids in markets would start so it would be hard to get food. Electricity 24 7 was something I had to get used to.”

What made getting used to things easier, finding a friend who spoke his language.

Rico St Fleur said, “salut tout le monde comment ça va, hey everybody how are you doing.”

Rico St Fleur is from the north part of the island and moved to the US in 2012.

St Fleur said, “My Dad did not own a car. My Dad owned a bike actually. He went to work on a bike came back from work on a bike woke up at 6am in the morning. I walked like five miles to school.”

The two met in middle school, where they tried out for football together, and the rest…

St Fleur said, “We went and talked about something and then we we’re on the field talking about it like across from each other and everybody was looking at us like what are they talking about.”

Moise said, “My brother away from home basically.”

Is history.

Mike Concilio said, “It’s odd I mean catch them at times talking to each other and you don’t know what they’re saying. You know they have a lot of pride in their country.”

Being from Haiti isn’t only what makes them unique.

Moise said, “I want to be a pediatrician and make a lot of money to give back to my country. Build hospitals and schools.”

St Fleur said, “I plan to be a physical therapist. If I can’t make it as an athlete I should try to be like somewhat close to it.”

Concilio said, “They may just take it for granted the opportunity to play football or the opportunity to get an education. To them, it’s the most important thing on their list.”

Football brings people together and it certainly cemented a bond…

Moise said, “When we step on the field together me and him we put Haiti on our back.”

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