Huntington Cheerleading shows school spirit


Every sporting event has a formula. Players, concessions, crowds and cheerleaders. For Huntington high school, a night without the cheer team wouldn’t feel complete. 

Jamya  Hopkins (jr) – They feel what we feel so when our boys are down its come together to make them do better.

Coach Alayna Bell – You can tell when they have their favorite cheer because they start doing the motions and everything so its good

The girls draw so much attention that fans not only cheer, they know the moves. The cheerleaders make such an impact on the atmosphere of a game so its surprising to see their atmosphere for practice. Coach Bell’s classroom…

“Simone Woods” (soph) – We really have to go outside to practice and sometimes its too cold to go outside and we have to stay in so we don’t have time to practice our stunts and flips. 

Coach Bell – They need mats, they have requested mirrors so that they can watch themselves do the ripples they need uniforms they need poms, everything moving forward is going to be required or necessary.

If they didn’t seem special enough, the team not only makes a difference in sports… but in the Huntington community 

Jamiya Lee (speaking) and Rashun Swiney – Its just really fun to be here with my cheer sisters and my school because we’re giving back and it feels good 

Coach Bell – I believe that when you put yourself in other peoples shoes then it helps you to appreciate where you are you know because even though we’re a title one school there’s somebody out there who has a circumstance that’s worse than what you have 

The Huntington cheer team spends all of their time cheering on those around them…. but like good karma… what goes around comes around… and hopes for the future of the program are bright.

Coach Bell-  I think moving forward that would be a great idea to work on going into the communities and talking to some businesses try to find sponsorships. My heart breaks because there is so much I want to do for the girls but I cant.

One thing for sure, they will never lose spirit.

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